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Katie Cho February 22, 2008 Assignment #2 I Need a Father One bright summer day a few years back, my best friend and I were enjoying a day at an amusement park and were expecting to be picked up by her mother at the end of the day. Instead, I was greeted for the first time by a man with long hair and a mustache. I remember seeing her expression the first moment she saw her dad. She ran to him ecstatically, unable to wipe the smile off her face. The rest of the day I noticed an obvious change in her outfit after showering, her manners at the dinner table, and undoubtedly the expressions on her face. While observing her sudden shift in behavior, I noticed a different glow in her personality, more vibrant and lively, as a result of her father’s presence. I realized that seeing her dad for the first time in years didn’t change the fact that he was with her at that moment. Being that her father partook in her life minimally by contributing to her expenses through childcare, calling her on special occasions, and showing her love whenever present, it was delightful to examine how even in the shortest of times, her fathers presence brought such enthusiasm in her life. The situation exemplified how a father can influence a child’s behavior and thought process, and the importance of fatherhood itself. Although the breadwinner role of fathers is still present in sustaining a family’s economic development, it should be acknowledged that regardless of whether or not a father is present, the nature of fatherhood is to be present and participate in the emotional and psychological growth of their children. 1
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It is a preconceived notion that fathers are meant to financially support their family by serving as dominant breadwinners. Fatherhood in itself entitles men to satisfy monetary demands, and therefore defined working as the prominent function of being a father throughout previous centuries. Contemporary ideals, however, have altered this notion that the primary role of fathers is not merely to maintain economic stability but to provide for families, especially children, with psychological and emotional sustenance throughout their lives. Even still, a father’s hope of economic prosperity is not diminishing. My friend’s father, for example, although he is divorced from her mother, continues to provide finances to support her even when living miles apart. This exemplifies a father’s role in providing adequate income for their children’s well being- provision of food, clothes, housing, etc. Though single parent families may result in a motherless or fatherless household, the fact that individual roles as parents are continuing to be enforced show that the role of fathers economically, even in their absence, remains necessary. In two parent families, especially, the individual roles in the work force are
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essay2 - 1 Katie Cho February 22, 2008 Assignment #2 I Need...

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