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James McMillan April 27, 2008 History 102 Assessment Essay’s Essay #1 Throughout the 19 th century there was much upheaval amongst the populations across the world because everyone wanted their own view of equality. In Europe, there was class struggle because the lower class believed that the upper class had too much power. Also, in America and other nations worldwide, women were in their own struggle to gain suffrage, or the right to vote. These two different struggles, although different in desire, both had many similar qualities. For example, they both had some sort of foe they were battling and both had some desirable freedom to achieve. To begin, there was a class struggle in much of eastern and western Europe. One very famous contender for change in class organization was Karl Marx. Marx grew up in a middle class family and began to despise the culture that he lived in. Marx believed that society was simply a hierarchy where the top are people who just want to control the distribution of its material goods, Marx grew to despise this and published his ideas for a better society in the Communist Manifesto. Marx believed that the capitalistic world we live in would eventually collapse causing an economic disaster. This idea of cultural change is not all bad when you look at it theoretically. In theory, Marx’s ideas of communism and a utopian society are not bad at all.
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History Essay's - James McMillan History 102 Assessment...

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