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Katie Cho February 1, 2008 Assignment #1 How Family Benefits From Change Picture this. A mother in the kitchen preparing a hardy breakfast, a father sitting at the head of a table reading a newspaper in hand, of course without a conscious notion to help prepare the meal, and children awaiting in the living room for a sweet melodic voice to announce “breakfast!” Once breakfast is set on the table, the children and father are fed before the mother removes her apron and sits at the table. Once finished, the father leaves for work, the children leave for school, and the mother begins her household duties for the day. As depicted in the movie, Pleasantville (scenes), American families during the 1950’s relied heavily on women staying home and men working. In modern times, however, American families have found themselves to be more individualistic in their entities as humans and have formed their actions simultaneously with evolving economic changes. Although several major shifts have occurred from the 1950’s to now, the most significant of them, as I see it, is the formation of dual earning families and their relevance to providing economic support, developing individualism, and revitalizing methods of child care. Despite several arguments proclaiming the downfall of family as a result of decline in time spent within the household, there exist several advantages to having both parents earn wages. One of the main arguments presented against the shift towards dual earning families is that the time spent outside of the household limits the amount of time spent in child care. However, it is necessary to say that children are being raised in a 1
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society that is constantly asking for more resources. In order to meet these resources, such as material goods and the finances needed to afford these goods, wage earned by one parent is merely not enough to support an entire household, especially during the present era. (Casper, Lecture 3) The fact that mothers are now entering the work force may not necessarily come from desire to do so but instead a need to do so in order to provide necessary financial stability needed to raise children. Therefore, time spent apart from children as a result of working should not be seen as reason for faltering child support. Also, it is a redundant debate that the shift from single to dual earning parent has brought a decline to families as a whole. The debate stems from Popenoe’s review of why family forms have changed. According to him, a family is defined as a small domestic group of kin, consisting of one adult and one dependent (whom may be a single parent, a step parent, etc). (Popenoe) This definition enlightens the notion that mothers who work outside the home is taking part in the dysfunction of families in America. Needless to say, families in America are not in decline. It is that families are simply shifting its focus
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essay1 - 1 Katie Cho February 1 2008 Assignment#1 How...

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