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Microtheme+2 - Microtheme 2 Analysis of a Photograph Due...

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Microtheme 2: Analysis of a Photograph 50 pts Due: Monday 3/3 For this assignment, you will use Notice & Focus, The Method, and visual tools to analyze a historical photograph. This microtheme asks you to go beyond mere description and consider why the elements of the photograph are important to the visual argument it is making. In other words, what does this photograph want us to believe (i.e., what’s its pitch)? Your specific, non- obvious answer to that question will be the thesis of this microtheme. An explicit pitch would be immediately obvious to a viewer, while an implicit pitch demands that we analyze details to arrive at it. In order to get to that non-obvious pitch, you may find it useful to use an XY thesis. Remember that in order to produce a successful paper, you should avoid trying to discuss “what’s happening” in the photograph—we’re not concerned with figuring out what the man is running from, how the boy must be feeling, or what the people did to get arrested; rather, we’re
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