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Microtheme+3 - film scene to speculate about their...

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Microtheme 3: Film Scene Analysis _______________ ___ 50pts Due: Monday 4/7 This assignment asks you to analyze film details to arrive at a working thesis for Paper 3. Before you begin writing, decide on an issue or question the films raise that you find particularly interesting or puzzling. (The more specific you can be at this stage, the better, so avoid overly- general topics like ‘femininity’ and try to narrow your focus to, for instance, a particular kind of femininity.) Then, choose a scene from each film that addresses that issue in an interesting way. Finally, watch the film scenes several times, using “Notice and Focus” and “The Method” to generate a healthy list of specific details. Now you’re ready to write! This microtheme has three components: Paragraph 1: Using “10-1” (more about less), zoom in on two key elements of your first
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Unformatted text preview: film scene to speculate about their significance. • Paragraph 2: Repeat this process in a separate paragraph for your second film scene. • Paragraph 3: Use the analysis from paragraphs 1 and 2 to offer a thesis about how the films represent a particular issue similarly and differently. (See “Comparing and Contrasting One Reading with Another,” WA 123-125, for help with this step.) Criteria for Evaluation: • Effectively incorporates the “10-on-1” skill by zooming in on one or two key filmic details and discussing their significance • Arrives at a specific, unobvious claim about the relationship between the two films (a difference within a similarity or a similarity within a difference) • Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citation...
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