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W131: Elementary Composition Spring 2007: Sections 15715 and 15716 Instructor: Chris Basgier email: [email protected] Office: Weatherly 131 Office Hours: M 10-11:30 R 1-2:30 TEXTS: 1. Readings for Analytical Writing . Farris, et al. 2 nd edition (RAW) 2. Writing Analytically th edition (WA) 3. Longman Pocket Writer’s Companion , Anson, et al. COURSE PHILOSOPHY: W131 is a course in academic writing that attempts to integrate critical reading, thinking, and writing about phenomena and issues in our culture. More specifically, the writing in this course will investigate how newspaper stories, photographs, and films represent cultural phenomena. The course will develop your ability to read a variety of cultural texts, both written and visual, closely and critically. It will also help you analyze such texts in ways that engage and challenge your experience, the perspectives of “experts,” and the larger world. Throughout the course you will learn and practice the strategies of analysis and argument that many college courses and professions require. SEQUENCE OF WRITING ASSIGNMENTS: (1) Seven Reading Exercises: A series of short assignments that will encourage you to develop your skills at reading critically and analyzing effectively (2) Four Microthemes: Short papers that practice specific writing and research skills and rhetorical strategies needed for college papers. (3) Four Papers with Drafts: Major papers that go through revision and incorporate the skills and strategies of the Microthemes GRADING: In order to pass this course, you must submit all assigned work. There are 1000 possible points for the semester, and your final grade will be a sum of the points you receive, converted to a letter grade. The point breakdown is as follows: Assignment Jumpstart Paper 50 points Microtheme 1 50 Paper 1 100 Microtheme 2 50 Paper 2 200 Microtheme 3 50 Microtheme 4 50 Paper 3 300 Reading Exercises 150 1000 Total Points
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POLICIES: Drafts and Peer Response: Revising is an important part of inquiry and writing in this course. You will receive feedback from peers and from me. On the day drafts are due, bring two copies of your draft unless otherwise instructed. Every major paper must be preceded by a rough draft. Paper Format: All papers should adhere to MLA style conventions; therefore, papers should be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Place your name, my name, title of the course and assignment, and the due date on the left hand margin, single-spaced (MLA calls for double space here, but I prefer that you save the paper). Double space and then center your title, which should be neither underlined nor quoted. Double space again and begin typing your essay, numbering all the pages except page 1. Make sure all pages are fastened with a paper clip or staple . Late Papers:
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W131+syllabus+Sp+2008 - W131 Elementary Composition Spring...

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