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Basgier SP 08 W131 REX Seven: Production History The Assignment : This REX asks you to familiarize yourself with the historical and cultural context in which the films Blade Runner and The Matrix were released. In a couple paragraphs, offer your reader a sense for the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the films. In other words, keep the following questions in mind: Who directed the films? What else has the director done? What studio did it come out of? What role did the studio have in releasing the final version of the film (this is especially pertinent with Blade Runner )? Was the film based on an earlier work, like a book? What did film critics say about the film at the time it was released ? Also, you should think about larger cultural concerns, which may end up influencing where you take your final paper. What was happening at the time with technology? Women’s rights? Crime rates? Media
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Unformatted text preview: violence? The Cold War? Globalization? Corporate capitalism? The environment? Obviously I don’t expect you to touch on every point above, especially in terms of cultural concerns—in fact, you should consider one cultural concern that you find interesting in addition to the general production information. Be sure to cite your sources appropriately throughout your paragraph, using quotations marks and parenthetical citations as necessary to convey where you found the information. Be sure to include works cited, too. The following resources may help you find useful information: • The DVDs’ special features • The Internet Movie Database • Proquest Historical Newspapers (especially for movie reviews) • The Historical Literacy Databases—you’ll find these on Oncourse under “Resources/Unit Two Resources/Historical Literacy Databases”...
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