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Unformatted text preview: Paper 2: Analysis of Historical Documents 200 pts Description : 5 (full) pages, double-spaced, plus separate Works Cited page, in MLA format Rough Draft: Wednesday 3/2 Final Draft: Monday 3/31 Sources: Photograph from MT1, one contemporary newspaper article, 1 and EITHER Foucault, Foner, OR Pratt Goals: • To analyze two historical documents in order to come to terms with how the historical moment is represented in the documents (i.e., what do they want us to believe is true?). • To use a secondary source to advance your argument about the documents Note: This is not a paper on the L.A. Riots; rather, it is a paper on how the L.A. Riots are represented in the photograph and your newspaper article. Assignment: You have given thought to how newspaper articles represent events and you have practiced the skills of visual analysis by examining historical photographs. Now bring these two media together to consider the relationship between the argument (“pitch”) offered in the photograph and the argument...
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