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Joseph Franz March 25, 2008 Eng-W 131 2:30 Basgier “Paper 2” “Power” In 1991, Los Angeles police pulled over Rodney Glen King for speeding and reckless driving. Shortly after he stepped out of the car to be arrested, the four officers began to beat him with nightsticks and kick him even when he fell to the ground. Due to this, Rodney King and two of the four officers, one of which was Sergeant Stacey Koon, went to trial for police brutality. The officers were found not guilty by a jury in the Los Angeles District Court. This event is key because this trial was quickly followed by the start of the Los Angeles Riots in 1991. The citizens of South Central Los Angeles have claimed of many cases very similar to that of the police brutality case of Rodney King versus Sergeant Stacey Koon where one or more police officers have beaten an African American when the African American did nothing to deserve it. Granted, the African Americans may have done something
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wrong, but once they were on the ground and the officers continued to beat them is where it went from an arrest to police brutality. Although the picture and the article are both in agreement that power was the factor that produced Sergeant Stacey Koon’s freedom, the two differ on whose power truly controlled the decision of whether Koon was guilty or not. The article seems to believe the decision was in the
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paper2 - Joseph Franz Eng-W 131 2:30 Basgier"Paper 2"Power...

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