rex3 - watchtower the prisoners cannot see into the tower...

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Joseph Franz February 18, 2008 Eng-W 131 Basgier 2:30 Rex 3 1. 3 Different Paraphrases: a. Although the Panopticon is seems to be dream building, it is really a political figure that can serve many purposes such as that acts as a mechanism of power (Foucault, 206). b. The work of political technology known as the Panopticon that serves many purposes is used for power due to architectural structure and its ability to oversee the prisoners via the watchtower (Foucault, 206). c. The layout of the Panopticon, architecturally and visually, allows it to serve many purposes; among them the layout gives the Panopticon a very powerful feature making it a work of political technology (Foucault, 206). 2. Paragraph:
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When paraphrasing, I took into account the idea that the Panopticon inflicts the feeling of being watched at all times on its prisoners. Whether or not guards are in the
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Unformatted text preview: watchtower, the prisoners cannot see into the tower therefore never knowing when or not guards are in there. The design of the Panopticon allows all prisoners to be watched from the watchtower. It acts as a great “architectural and optical system” (Foucault, 206). This acts a great power gain for the Panopticon and a great power loss for its residents. In order to rearrange the same quote three completely different ways, I really had to think about what point Foucault is trying to drive home so I could then attempt to emphasize that point. I went to a thesaurus to try to find words that I could use to emphasize the idea of the power that the Panopticon possesses both architecturally and optically. I ensured that every time I wrote the paraphrase, I brought the idea of it giving power to the guards over the prisoners....
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rex3 - watchtower the prisoners cannot see into the tower...

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