REX+4 - Chris Basgier W131 Spring 2008 REX 4 Constructing...

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Chris Basgier W131, Spring 2008 REX 4 Constructing Photographs, Understanding Representation The Assignment : This assignment asks you to engage with the rhetorical, meaning- making elements of photographs, such as framing, vectors, camera angle/positioning, and offer and demand, and how they reveal/relate to the pitch, complaint, and moment in a photograph. Such rhetorical elements combine to tell a particular story about the subject in the photograph; in other words, they ask us to assume/believe certain ideas about the scene/person depicted. Your job in Paper Two will be to discuss such details in regards to historical photographs. This REX is your first stab at understanding, using, and practicing analysis of the meaning-making elements of a photograph. The Process : Work with a partner in class, and get your hands on a digital camera. * Much like the photographs of me that we discussed in class, you will stage photographs of each other. *Please do not take photographs of anything that might be considered inappropriate in a classroom setting.* As you take the photographs, pay attention to camera angle/positioning, vectors, offer/demand, framing, etc. You may have to take several pictures to get it right. I’m not a photography professor, so I’m not concerned
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REX+4 - Chris Basgier W131 Spring 2008 REX 4 Constructing...

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