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Joseph Franz February 8, 2008 Eng-W 131 Basgier 2:30 Paper 1 “City Upon A Hill” August Brown and Jessica Gelt write about the transition of a community due to the businessman’s greed to earn every dollar possible no matter what the cost might be. They describe how a heavily populated poor, working-class community’s housing is being torn down and replaced by new and more expensive homes. These new homes are too pricey for the wallets of the previous owners. Consequently, the previous owners are without homes because they can no longer afford to live in Westlake. The new owners consist of a heavy population of white, middle-class Americans. When Brown and Gelt write “Crossroads,” it seems to many to be about replacing old run down housing with new construction classier housing. However, it is really about pushing out the poor minority working-class citizens and bringing in wealthier middle and upper-class citizens. Brown and Gelt’s constant mention that change is occurring in Westlake helps enforce the fact that many of these people will be out of their current homes because they will no longer be able to afford them
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after the new construction middle to upper class houses are complete. “Crossroads,” by August Brown and Jessica Gelt, shares many ideas with “Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia,” by David Brooks. Brooks writes about how different suburbs really are from one another. They range from the heavily immigrant working-class populated to the wealthy, “nose pointed straight up in the air” communities. They all strive to meet the “Paradise Spell,” the ideally perfect life style set in the future (Brooks 99). Unlike “Crossroads,” where the
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paper1 - Joseph Franz February 8, 2008 Eng-W 131 Basgier...

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