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Basgier SP 08 W131 REX Five: Historical Literacy The Assignment : This REX asks you to familiarize yourself with the historical and cultural context in which the 1992 Los Angeles Riots occurred, in preparation for Paper 2, an Analysis of Historical Documents. Before you begin writing, go onto both of the Historical Literacy Databases—you’ll find these on Oncourse under “Resources/Unit Two Resources/Historical Literacy Databases”—and read up on the riots. A commonplace in most academic research is to consult multiple sources so that you can examine and evaluate the various, sometimes-contradictory viewpoints on a particular subject; secondarily, consulting multiple sources allows you to crosscheck the accuracy of the information you find when doing factual research. In order to keep these research methods in play, then, I expect you to consult and use both the Annals of American History and the Encyclopedia Britannica.
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