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This photograph, which we’ll call “Fan,” was taken last Saturday after Indiana University beat Michigan State in basketball [this would be “the Moment”]. While it seems like this photo is merely a picture of an exuberant basketball fan, it is really about the violent conformity associated with sports spectatorship [the “Pitch”]. For example, the extreme low angle at which the photograph is taken makes Chris appear domineering, standing over the viewer in an obvious display of power. This display of power is strengthened by the extreme close-up on Chris’ fist, which is mirrored in size by his angry face; these details together constitute an obviously violent display of fandom.
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Unformatted text preview: However, this isn’t just some random violent moment. The fact that IU’s red and white and the IU logo are repeated suggest a kind of uniformity in this aggressive display. It is as if the photograph is calling attention to the idea that all sports fans are the same; far from simply building school spirit, this photograph suggests that college sports create a community based on violence [the “Complaint”]. Note: Your analyses should be much more detailed (and hopefully, your photographs will be, too), so that you have a lot more to discuss in your paragraph. This paragraph, at about 175 words, is at best half as long as yours should be....
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