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expectations at iu

expectations at iu - receive a C or higher However there...

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Joseph Franz January 8, 2008 Eng-W131 Basgier What Were My Expectations When I Came to IU? When I made the decision to come to IU, my goal was to get into Kelley and graduate with a MBA in accounting. In order to get into Kelley, I need a 3.0 or higher. I made a very big mistake and slacked off during first semester. I dropped a class and greatly underachieved in most of my classes. I missed a paper in Hist-H 105, didn’t do the reading and consequently failed the course. In Ast-A 100 I didn’t go to class for 2 months and missed out on many in class activity points. Despite getting B’s on the tests, I received a D- in the class. Bus-A 100 I didn’t do the reading and consequently did not
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Unformatted text preview: receive a C or higher. However there were bright spots. The classes I attended were Bus-K 201 and Math-M 118. I received a B+ and B respectively. I have noticed that when the course is challenging, I tend to apply myself much more than when it is a “blow off” class. Due my poor grades I have been placed on academic probation. History of Jazz and Education 150, my academic probation class, are my “blow off” classes. My difficult classes are Bus-X 201, Business Technologies, Eng-W 131, Calc II, Math-M 212, Bus-A 100, Basic Accounting Skills, and Econ-E 202, Macroeconomics. They all total up for a grand total of a rigorous 19 credit hours....
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