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Joseph Franz January 22, 2008 Eng-W 131 Basgier 2:30 Jump-Start Paper When August Brown and Jessica Gelt wrote “Crossroads,” it seemed to many to be about replacing old run down housing with new construction classier housing. However, it is really about pushing out the poor minority working-class citizens and bringing in wealthier middle and upper-class citizens. Brown and Gelt’s constant mention that change is occurring in Westlake helps enforce the fact that many of these people will be out of their current homes because they will no longer be able to afford them after the new construction middle to upper class houses are complete. Brown and Gelt’s constant repetition of words relating to the people of having a Latin heritage such as: Latino, Latin American, Honduran, and Mexican continues to remind the readers of who is being affected. Brown and Gelt write, “On the ground floor, a pharmacy and health clinic with signs in Spanish.” The article is based in a poor, Latin American working-class neighborhood. The current community consists
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mostly of Latin American heritage. Seventy-eight percent of the
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jumpstartpaper - Joseph Franz Eng-W 131 Basgier 2:30...

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