2nd Writing Assignment RESAVE

2nd Writing Assignment RESAVE - Josh Bellinghausen Psych...

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Unformatted text preview: Josh Bellinghausen Psych 100 Writing Assignment #2 Growing up Ive always had a talent for remembering details at the drop of a hat, recalling phone numbers without hesitation, and memorizing important data effortlessly. Ive never pondered about the inner workings of my brain, much less how exactly my memory process works. I always assumed that any information that my mind felt could be used again it automatically stored away in the depths of my brain, waiting for a day it may be needed. Ive known about short and long term memory, yet I never realized there were differences between the encoding and storage processes. Altogether I thought the process was probably a simple one and it seemed to work flawlessly in my mind. The brain registered what was being said and broke it down into the brain waves that carried the message into my thoughts. Next my brain sent the message back out in a reply to what I had interpreted. Additionally my brain was working at the same time to decide what might become relevant at a later time in my life; thus making it a valuable concept to store. The brain waves then transmitted the concepts into their proper storage place where I could recall upon them later. Ive always known the memory process is a far more complicated process, but I have felt that was the short version of the process all my life. As I sit here glancing back and forth through both of my lists, I feel as though my memory is not quite as good as I stated it was previously. There are quite a few of the same memories written on both of my lists, yet there are so many ideas I now recall that I dont see why I forgot them. I had the one main memory from the first day still intact in my mind and I recalled it flawlessly. It was with the girl I sat next to on the first day, Nicole, who told me her hometown was Shreveport, Louisiana. This made a huge impact on me as I had gone out this previous summer to work on an oil pipeline in that very town. It was one of the biggest experiences of my life and as we talked back and forth I found out that we had actually been to a few of the same places in that town. I found it crazy that I had that kind of connection with a random person sitting next to me who lived so far away from my hometown here in Colorado. That was by far the biggest memory I could recall, but it definitely was not the only one. I could also very clearly recall how I had set out my goals for the class and wrote down an incomplete schedule of how I planned to attack the class and maintain a grade acceptable to my standards. On both of my lists I wrote about how I planned to read every night and type up the notes from...
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This note was uploaded on 04/30/2008 for the course PSY 100 taught by Professor All during the Spring '08 term at Colorado State.

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2nd Writing Assignment RESAVE - Josh Bellinghausen Psych...

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