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Hankamer School of Business Core Marketing Concepts (As defined in Marketing, 14 th ed. Pride and Ferrell, 2008) Ch. 1: An Overview of Strategic Marketing: exchange, value, relationship marketing, marketing concept, customer relationship management Ch. 2: Planning, Implementation, and Controlling Marketing Strategies : marketing strategy, marketing plan, sustainable competitive advantage, market opportunity, mission statement, marketing implementation, benchmarking, centralized organization, decentralized organization, marketing control process Ch. 3: The Marketing Environment: marketing environment, approaches (passive/proactive), types of competitors, federal regulatory agencies (FTC, etc.), consumerism Ch. 4: Social Responsibility and Ethics in Marketing: marketing citizenship, marketing ethics, social responsibility, cause- related marketing, organizational culture (role of) Ch. 5: Consumer Buying Behavior: involvement, consumer problem solving (routine, limited, extended), 5 stages of buying decision process, cognitive dissonance, categories of influence (situational, psychological, social) Ch. 6: Business Markets and Buying Behavior:
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