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Lab05-RootsAnswers - Plant Science 1203L Laboratory 4 Plant...

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Plant Science 1203L Laboratory 4 - Plant Roots Name_______________________________ ID #_________________ 1. Demonstrations of roots are set up around the classroom. Identify these as either from a taproot system or a fibrous root system. Additionally, identify whether these roots would be from a monocot or dicot plant. Taproot 1. pokeweed, 2 privet, 5 burdock 7 mint, 10 mulberry, 11 oxalis, 12 morning glory Fibrous Root 3 dayflower, 4 nutweed, 6 Misc. Grasses, 8 violet 2. Take slices of different roots and test with IKI (iodine solution). Iodine reacts with starch to give a blue-black color. Starch is a food storage product for many plants. Which roots show the presence of starch? Parsnip, yucca, possibly some in radish and carrot If a root does not show a color reaction what might that mean? Absence of starch could mean the food has been depleted from that plant or food storage is something other than starch (i.e. sugars or other complex carbohydrate material) 3. Also on demonstration are germinated seeds of soybean and corn. The radicle (young root) of the seed should exhibit a fuzzy or cotton-like area on the root that can look like mold growth. These are single cell
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