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bio220 intro - Bio 220 Domains & Diversity of Life...

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Bio 220 Introductory Quiz What is Life? 1. Cellular Organization 2. Order 3. Sensitivity 4. 5. Energy Utilization 6. Evolutionary Adaptation 7. Homeostasis, Regulation NOTE: Genus name capitalized, species name not. Ex: Homo sapiens Taxonomy: hierarchical classification of organisms o Domain Bacteria Archaea Eukarya o Kingdom Bacteria Archaebacteria Protista Fungi Plantae Animalia o Phylum o Class o Order o Family o Genus o Species Species : group of organisms that actually or potentially interbreed AND are genetically isolated from other groups Phylogeny : organizing life/resolving conflicts in old schemes Cladistics : use of shared derived characters from a common ancestor to construct a systematic evolutionary phylogeny Systematics : reconstructing evolutionary relationships Monophyletic : group with most recent common ancestor and all descendents Paraphyletic : group with most recent common ancestor but not all descendents Polyphyletic : group does not include most common ancestor of all members arbitrary classification not based on evolutionary relationships Prokaryotes : o Includes Bacteria and Archaea o o Bacteria obtain food through autotrophic and heterotrophic consumption o Commonalities: unicellular, small, no chromosome/nucleus, simple Eukaryotes :
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o o Protista~ most diverse Kingdom; contains the “left-overs” o o Plants~ Photosynthetic, cellulose in walls, tissues, & diploid and haploid generations o Recitation Questions 1.) Are viruses alive? No, Viruses are not alive. In order got something to be classified as being alive, it must have the seven characteristics of living things. Although it could be argued that viruses display many of these characteristics, it is a fact that they do not exhibit all. Therefore, viruses are not alive.
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bio220 intro - Bio 220 Domains & Diversity of Life...

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