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Flexibility Exercises for the Right Hand

Flexibility Exercises for the Right Hand - 7 Roll the arm...

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Flexibility Exercises for the Right Hand 1. Flying pizzicato – strum all four strings in a fast, large, circular motion with the right index finger. 2. Thumb crunches – repeatedly bend and straighten the first knuckle of the thumb. 3. Wind shield wipers – begin with the bow horizontal to the floor. Using only the wrist, rotate the bow 180 degrees while maintaining a round pinky and thumb bump. Repeat this exercise ten times. 4. Tap the pinky – simply tap the pinky on the bow to promote relaxation throughout the hand. 5. Karate Kid – with the bow perpendicular to the floor, raise and lower the bow. Bend the wrist so that the bow remains perfectly straight throughout the entire motion. 6. Spider Walk – crawl the fingers up and down the full length of the bow stick. The bow should be positioned perpendicular to the floor.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Roll the arm – Place the bow onto the strings and silently roll from the low strings to the high strings and back. 8. Rock the bow – hold the tip of the bow with the left hand pinky and practice rocking the bow from side to side. 9. Rocket launch – begin with the bow in a position perpendicular to the floor. Using only the fingers, lift the bow. 10. Water pump – while holding the tip of the bow with the left hand, use the right hand to pump the bow in and up and down motion. 11. Simulate bowing – loop the left hand fingers around the stick of the bow and move the bow with the right hand. Concentrate on having the right hand fingers be flexible. 12. Place and lift – practice placing the bow onto the string with a round bow hold in various places in the bow (frog, middle, and tip)....
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