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week 2 - Joe Talarico URI 101 Week 2 Topic 1 What was your...

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Joe Talarico URI 101 Week 2 Topic 1 – What was your first week like? My first week was alright. I am not a very outgoing person even though it may seem like it. In certain groups like my theater group, I feel comfortable enough to do whatever I want because everyone is very relaxed and doesn’t mind. From other people I just get that vibe where I have to watch all my actions or they won’t want to befriend me. I know that isn’t the way to look at it but it has always been the way I have looked at things. I always want to be friends with everyone and try and fit in. I talked to the people in my hall a lot more. What is strange is that there are four floors in my building and I do not even know what exists on the third and fourth floor. I don’t even know what the other wing of my floor is like. There is still a lot I have to explore. I hung out with a variety of people trying to see which group I best fit in. I also hung out with some of the fraternities. I think I liked Zeta Beta Tau the best. All the guys there were really nice and very
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