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week 6 - interest to me but I have to take it I do not want...

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Joe Talarico URI 101 Week 6 Topic 6 – What sort of ties can you make to Gen Ed Classes? Taking the General Education classes allows me to expand my interests and really explore what else is out there. It opens me to more categories of different subjects that maybe I had not heard of before. I feel half and half about it. On one side I like the fact that I can take certain classes that my major would not allow because I did want to do it and enjoy my class. On the other hand I feel the General Education classes are slowing me down a little because I would like to get started on my major and get my work that is focused on that in. With Gen Ed’s taking up half my class list it seems as though I am not able to do what I like. I feel that there are just certain subjects I know that I will get into so I do not see why I should have to take it. I thought the point of having a major was to take classes involving what you want to do. Taking a class in natural science is of no
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Unformatted text preview: interest to me but I have to take it. I do not want to shut down the concept of it though. I understand its purpose and what it is there for and so I am willing to do it. The general Ed’s are helping me bridge those smaller gaps of little side classes I like. One example would be German. It allows me to take a language I am interested in that my major or minor wouldn’t require. The classes I feel also round me into a better person. It just gives me more knowledge about other topics and enhances my brain. I do not really know what else to say the question is an unusual one that I am having trouble answering. I asked my friends and none of them can help me cause they do not understand what the question is asking. So overall that is pretty much how I feel about Gen Ed classes and what it is like taking them along with my major. It is a good program and even though I am half agreeable with it, it is a solid program to have and help the students out....
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