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week 5 - Joe Talarico URI 101 Week 5 Topic 5 How do you...

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Joe Talarico URI 101 Week 5 Topic 5 – How do you study? At first my studying habits were pretty good. I would study for the upcoming quizzes I had and everything would go well. As the semester is progressing and I am involved with the activities I am in, I find it harder to study. Not because I do not have time but it is that when I do get that free time which should be for studying I tent to want to use it to relax and do other things. I have suffered as a consequence. I really need to fix it because I am not doing so well in one of my classes and I can not afford to fail it. When I do sit down to study I can only stay focused for so long until I lose concentration and I am still reading but not remembering any of the information that is being read. My main problem is studying for the classes I have less interest in. Because I do not have much interest I can not stay focused on it because it just isn’t grabbing my attention. What I
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