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Joe Talarico URI 101 Week 4 Topic 4 – What did you do for diversity week/ Why Diversity? For diversity week I attended the study abroad fair. I thought it was really interesting. I have wanted to study abroad ever since I went to Spain my junior year of high school. I absolutely LOVE to travel so I feel this would be an amazing experience. As I went to each booth I talked to the representative from each country and found out some information. One thing I did not realize until half way through was that certain ones only cater to certain majors. Basically I spent ten minutes talking to a person about studying abroad somewhere that’s for a biology major or business major. I would feel embarrassed after they asked me my major and I was said “theater” and they responded “Oh, well hmm we do not have that one currently but there are a lot of other ones you might like!” I did find one particular company that had theater, my major, and education, my minor in the places I wanted to study. I want to possibly study in either Japan or
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