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week 3 - categorize the books in a special way I even spent...

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Joe Talarico URI 101 Week 3 Topic 1 – Why are you afraid of the library? I am not necessarily afraid of the library it is just that this one specifically intimidates me a little. In my high school the library wasn’t that big. It had your books and you got what you had to find. I also rarely ever went in there cause I did not feel the need to. The classes also didn’t require it that much. Walking into this library for the first time made me go “Whoa, ok how will I ever find a book there’s so many sections and, wait what? There are floors?!” When I saw everything it had I was just in shock. I just was not expecting to see this many things all in one place. And it was all put into different sections so I would look at some and wonder what it even was. Though I have to say after the library lady gave is an overview of how things work and how to use the online website as a source, it got a lot easier for me. I now know how to find a book if I ever need it. She also taught us how to use their system since they
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Unformatted text preview: categorize the books in a special way. I even spent a night in the library to do my work. I have to say I do not think I will do that again. That is because it is just way too quiet for me. I need at least some level of noise when I am doing my work. If it is totally and absolutely silent it actually gets me distracted because it makes me look around and go “why is it so quiet? What is everyone doing? How are they staying so focused.” I enjoy doing my work in the basement level of my dorm building. It is close to my room and it is at my level of silence that I like. It also allows me to run up to my room real quick if I forgot something. So overall, the library doesn’t really scare me anymore I will just have to get used to it and make use of it whenever I can. It will be really helpful in the long run when I have major projects coming up and I need information....
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