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Chapter 11 – Posture Posture o Important both in every day health and ascetically. o Body is made of segments that should be balanced. o If one segment is out of place others will compensate. Common posture problems: o Lordosis – Excessive curvature in the lower back. o Cause: weak abdominal muscles, tight hamstrings. o Remedy: strengthen abs, stretch and strengthen lower back and hamstrings. o Flat back – Not enough curvature in the lower back. o Cause – Prolonged sitting or lifting. o Remedy – Various exercises that work on pelvic tilt to regain natural curvature. o Kyphosis – Rounded shoulders, protruding neck o Cause – Weak upper back and shoulder muscles, tight chest muscles. o Remedy – Strengthen upper back and shoulder girdle, and stretch chest. o Sciatica
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Unformatted text preview: – Pain radiating the length of the sciatic nerve originating in the back and running down the hip and leg. o Scoliosis – Lateral curvature of the spine. Most serious posture problem. What causes lower back pain? It is the leading cause of trips to the doctor. o Weak inflexible hamstrings o Weak abdominal muscles o Inflexible his flexors o Short tight lower back muscles o In 10-15% of cases the cause can be more serious – a bulging or herniated disk For a healthy back: o Strengthen abdominal and lower back muscles. o Stretch hamstrings, hip flexors, and lower back muscles regularly. o Exercise good posture while standing and sitting. o Stay active. Be involved in regular cardio, and muscular exercise....
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