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Lecture slide-class1&2

Lecture slide-class1&2 - Studying Lifespan...

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Studying Lifespan Development What is human development? Development: The pattern of change that begins at conception and continues through the life span. Why Is It important to study life span development ? History of concept of childhood Original sin view Tabula rasa view Innate goodness view Characteristics of Life span Perspectives Lifelong Multidimensional Multidirectional Plastic Contextual What issues are important in DP ? **Basic Issues in Development Study Nature and Nurture Stability and Change Continuity and Discontinuity ex) Quantitative vs. Qualitative How do psychologists go about studying age-related change? Research Methods Observation Interviews and Questionnaires
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Case Studies ……………………… **Time Span of Research Longitudinal study Cross-sectional study ** cohort effect Sequential studies **Cohort effects : -due to a person’s time of birth or generation but not to actual age.
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Lecture slide-class1&2 - Studying Lifespan...

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