Early Childhood Note

Early Childhood Note - Early Childhood Physical Development...

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Unformatted text preview: Early Childhood Physical Development Motor Dev.- Handedness Health- Eating behavior Cognitive Development-Piagets Preoperational stage- Symbolic thought-The ability to think by making one object or action stand for another. Ex) language, pretend play Help to organize and process Communicate Egocentrism Inability to distinguish between ones own point of view and that of another person Centering self in thinking. ex) three mountains test- 3yrs. Animism-nonliving objects are in fact alive or conscious or both. The appearance-reality distinction-Cannot make distinction between pretense and reality.-Unable to hold both appearance and reality of an object in mind at the same time. Other Aspects of Childrens conceptual D. Classification : skills grouping of objects according to standards or criteria. only one dimension at a time . Reversibility : ability to return mentally to earlier steps in a problem. cannot use reversible thinking. The concept of number : not understand how number system works. Conservation : - Ability to perceive that certain properties of an object remain the same despite changes in the objects appearance....
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Early Childhood Note - Early Childhood Physical Development...

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