24 - IR 210 13:56:00 Human Timeline • Universe 12 billion...

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Unformatted text preview: IR 210 24/01/2008 13:56:00 Human Timeline • Universe 12 billion years • Earth 4.65 billion years • Life 3.5 billion years • First hominids 4 million years • Early homo sapiens 400,000 years • Modern humans 40,00 years • Socio-Economical Revolutions o Agricultural Revolution (8000 years ago) o Industrial Revolution (200 years ago) o Information Revolution (60 years ago) ← ← Basic Changes 5,000 years ago • Agriculture supplants hunting and gathering • Population growth “takes off” • State supplant chiefdoms and tribes • Interaction capacity increases • Inside/Outside distinctions between units and their environments appear o HGBs could not be distinguished as autonomous entities Because for food, safety, and mating = interdependence IR theory is flawed if HGBs not considered Structuration - Units create balance of power which in turn shape the units ← ← True International Systems now ← ← With globalization, will we eventually see the end of international relations? ← ← Units (City States) • City-states and sedentary empires appear in the more populous and wealthier pre-international zones • In steppe and desert regions, nomadic tribes and non-sedentary empires appear • “ States are coercion-wielding organizations that are distinct from households and kinships groups and exercise clear priority in some respects over all other organizations within substantial territories.” • At a minimum, city states comprised a city and its supporting agricultural hinterland, together forming a territorial political unit capable of asserting government and claiming autonomy....
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24 - IR 210 13:56:00 Human Timeline • Universe 12 billion...

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