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Middle Adulthood-note - Middle Adulthood Physical...

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Middle Adulthood Physical Development Physical development Physical changes Health and disease Culture, personality, relationships, and health 1. Personality : Healthy P.: Calm, self-controlled, responsible 2. Culture : important role in Cardiovascular disease e.g.) Japanese men in SF vs. Japan 3. Behavior Patterns Type A : excessively competitive, hard-driven, impatient, hostile -> heart disease Strategy) anger control, trust in others Type B : relaxed, easygoing nature 4. Hardiness : sense of commitment, control , perception of problems as challenges =>Buffer of stress, reduce illness 5. Social relationships Positive relationship fewer health problems. Maintaining Health: Hardiness Social support Exercise Sexuality Menopause “hot flashes”, fatigue, mood swings, irritable, trouble sleeping and often breaks out in a sweat at night ???) Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) Cognitive Development Intelligence By Horn 1. Crystallized intelligence : acquired information verbal skills
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2. Fluid intelligence :
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Middle Adulthood-note - Middle Adulthood Physical...

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