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History epic and saga

History epic and saga - Throughout history the literature...

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Throughout history, the literature of ancient civilizations has displayed the way of life through songs, poems, stories, epics, and sagas. Each civilization developed into their own unique society. Creating distinctive; beliefs, regulations, values, languages, literature, and morals. In every society model qualities were expressed through tales and accounts of the extraordinary actions of individuals. These deeds usually embodied national, cultural, or religious ideals. The greatest and most appealing of these people are remembered and admired as heroes. The ancient society of Mali and the culture of the Norseman were completely different. Just like the culture many qualities of heroes were different, while there were also heroic similarities. Perceptions of heroism were interpreted through their literature in Sundiata the Epic of Old Mali and the Vinland Sagas . The characters in both stories overcame great obstacles in their quests of adventure.   In the Epic of Old Mali a child is born, to a king, with a foretold destiny of greatness. This epic is filled with the actions and perseverance displayed by this child growing into a man and becoming a great leader. This character shows great strength with a sense of determination, leadership, justice, and courage. He lives as an ideal man would caring for his family, his country, and all those around him. Every adventure and hardship he endures strengthens and transforms him. Physical prominence, moral strength, and vast wisdom make Sundiata one of the greatest heroes Africa and the world have ever known. Sundiata is born in unusual circumstances and faces obstacles early in his life. He is dismissed at a young age for being unsuitable for his noble class and heir to his fathers
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thrown. He is a frail legged child who cannot walk until he is seven years old. A disappointment to his father and the joke of the kingdom, Sundiata astonishingly proves his doubters wrong. With his life at stake Sundiata is banished from his lawful thrown.
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History epic and saga - Throughout history the literature...

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