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Macro project paper - Since the 2001 terrorist attacks,...

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Since the 2001 terrorist attacks, illegal immigration into the United States has become a hot stove topic for American political discourse. The debate has opened the eyes of many to the emergent need for national security. These security issues arrived at a period when economists were in question on how illegal immigration has affected the U.S. economy. These concerns have played a large role in the governments’ attempt at firmer immigration regulations. The article Enforcement Works; Crackdowns on Illegal Immigrants Have Opened up Jobs for Americans written by Mark Krikorian supports the economic value of tighter controls on immigration and underlies the basic economic issue and discussion of unemployment in the United States. His concerns go beyond unauthorized entry-security threats, but more into the short-run effects of reducing these immigrants, have on U.S. jobs, wages, and public finances. (Krikorian) Many economists have strong arguments that significantly reducing illegal immigration will result in a net drain on the U.S. economy. (Said) This research is incredibly surprising and in many cases goes beyond basic economic knowledge. The consequences of the U.S. capitalist, me first, get-rich-fast, market provides the framework for these beliefs. (Crone) All though many long-term issues will be stirred up by the government’s economical intervention with illegal aliens, the goal of this project will only dabble into the possible long-run negatives of cracking down on illegal immigration. The Krikorian article uses a short-run economic model of current information to economically forecast the benefits of impeding illegal immigration into the United States. (Text) Mark Krikorian, an executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, looks at the economical attraction to limiting illegal immigrants into the U.S. He affirms
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that immigration hawks have been winning the battle recently with the Real ID act of 2005 and the Secure Fence Act of 2006. (Krikorian)
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Macro project paper - Since the 2001 terrorist attacks,...

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