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Amanda Boyd ENV 1303-03 October 29, 2007 Global Warming Presentation 1. What is the name of the speaker? Marshall Saunders 2. What does he do for a living? Banking in LDC, founder of a company in Latin America countries, Director of an International Citizen program. 3. Why is he qualified to talk on this topic? He is the founder of The Citizen Climate Lobby organization, BA in Economics from UT 4. Cite at least 4 reasons that global warming is occurring. 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide into atmosphere almost every year. The outing of infrared radiation is trapped by earth’s atmosphere and warms it. Break up of ice shelves on both coasts, sea levels are rising, droughts and fires occurring all because of the rising temperature due to global warming. There is more pressure at the poles than equator. Also many polar bears and artic animals are loosing their environment due to global warming. Predicting more powerful storms because the energy is heating up the water.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How do critics refute the concept of global warming (why do they say it is not happening)? Some scientist says that the temperatures are cooling very slightly. The melting glaciers are argued that we are at the end of an ice age 6. Provide a paragraph about your thoughts on global warming. I believe that global warming needs to be talked around more to educate people on issues of the environment we live in. I also think that when we are educated about global warming, we now have a duty to act on it. We need to be people that care about our environment and don’t just listen to a sermon on global warming and go off using all this energy and not trying to make a difference. We can all try to reduce CO 2 by conserving energy, car pooling, riding a bike to school, turning off lights, recycling, they are all simple things we can do to help our environment....
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