Pentecostalism - Pentecostalism Pentecostalism Acts 2...

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Pentecostalism 16:03 Pentecostalism Acts 2 Day of Pentecost Baptism of the Holy Spirit Glossolalia the sign of the baptism for Pentecostals Glossolalia is called “speaking in tongues” Some refer to Xenolalia: the gift of speaking another language Speaking in Tongues to an “outsider” Roots of Pentecostalism Holiness Movement (from the Wesleyan Movement) of 19 th  century Sanctification was spoken of as “baptism of the Holy Spirit” 1901 Charles Parham. Holiness “devine healer” opened Bethel School in  Topeka, Kansas   Claimed tongs was the evidence of the baptism Founder of Pentecostalism: Charles Parham Azusa Street Revival: 1906 Speaking in tongues and spark that got the movement going Second Founder” of Pentecostalism: William Seymour Aimee Semple McPherson: Famous Leader of the 1920s
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McPherson’s  four square Gospel Conversion
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Pentecostalism - Pentecostalism Pentecostalism Acts 2...

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