GTX – Aristotle Book II

GTX – Aristotle Book II - GTX Aristotle...

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Unformatted text preview: GTX Aristotle Book II 18:03 Aristotle What is the Point? To become good o Theoretical vs. Practical Practical > Action, open minded, (To become good) Theoretical Theory Eudemonia > Blessedness, Flourishing , (Enduring) o Enduring o Activity of the soul in accordance with complete (Perfect) Virtue Soul > Essence (of things) o Moral Virtue -------------------------- Parts of the Soul Two Main Elements 1. Rational o Uniquely Human o Intellectual Virtues -> Can be Thought 2. Irrational o 1.Vegitative -> Plants -> Reason has no role o 2.Appetitive -> Eating , Appetites -> Shares in Reason Hunger , Anger, Imprint of Reason, Discipline through Reason Rational, Irrational (Vegetative, Appetitive) (Counter clock wise) o Moral Virtues -> Habitual action -> Repented actions over time Moral Virtue 1. Soul -> Essence -> Rational Element 2. Virtual -> Moderation (Mean Value) o Particularist = Different for Different people o Rational principle o State of Character They do it all the time, Characteristic people Hexes -> have, posses o Regulates our emotions Fell the emotions if we are virtuous o Corrupted with choice Born Neutral Capacity for virtue...
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GTX – Aristotle Book II - GTX Aristotle...

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