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Vatican I&II

Vatican I&II - Vatican I II Vatican I and II How...

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Vatican I & II 15:57 Vatican I and II How would catholics deal with modern teachings Background Medieval Catholicism Pope Ruled as a secular monarch Papal states (Italy) ruled by pope Modern changes Demise of absolute monarchy Demise of divine right kingship Enlightenment philosophers Personal Liberty  Religious liberty Political Revolution of 1848 Sicily Germany France Poland Many others Italian Revolution, 1870
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Revolutionaries take Rome Pope Retreats to the Vatican Vatican becomes the lone refuge of the Pope Vatican I council 1869, amidst revolution Vatican I declares papal infallibility Ex cathedra o The pope is talking and giving teaching from the seat. Immaculate conception Virgin Mary Retreat!!! Fortress Mentality Retreat behind papal infallibility Ward off secularism, modernism, and something else Signs of change
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