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281 test 1 study guide - Introduction to Abnormal...

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Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 281) Study Guide for Chapters 1-5 Chapter 1: Looking at Abnormality 1. What are the factors that influence whether a behavior is regarded as normal or abnormal? 2. What are the different criteria for defining abnormality? Know the strengths and weaknesses of each criterion. 3. How may culture and gender influence maladaptive behavior? 4. What are the differences between supernatural, biological, and psychological theories of abnormality and how has each type of theory led to different ways of treating mentally ill people throughout history? 5. How did people from the Stone Age, the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, and Hebrews think about abnormality and how did each respective culture treat the mentally ill as a result? 6. What was the historical shift from the early asylums in Europe and America to the moral treatment movement? 7. Who were some of the notable figures in psychology from the late 19 th and early-to-mid 20 th centuries? 8. What was the goal of the deinstitutionalization movement in the Untied States? How did communities attempt to achieve that goal? Were their efforts successful? 9. What are the different professions within abnormal psychology and how do they differ from one another? Chapter 2: Theories of Abnormality 1. What are the differences between biological, psychological, and social approaches to abnormality? How did each approach lead to different conception of the causes of abnormality? Are these approaches mutually exclusive? How could advocates of all approaches work together to develop integrated models for understanding abnormality? 2. What are the three biological causes of abnormality? 3. What is the relationship between structural brain abnormalities and psychological
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281 test 1 study guide - Introduction to Abnormal...

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