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Daniel Parker Ocean engineering lecture This lecture was on ocean engineering. Ocean engineering is a field that develops ocean instrumentation and robotics. One specialization is in the field of underwater acoustics. Underwater acoustics include marine hydrodynamics and water-wave mechanics. These are studies that can tell how waves will react and how to design structures to stand up against the power of the waves. Many students who are in ocean engineering are surfers, scuba divers, sailors and swimmers. Almost all of ocean engineers have a love of the sea. The department of ocean engineering for URI formed in 1966, and it is the oldest in the country. It is stationed mainly at the bay campus. Oce 101 is the introduction to ocean engineering course. Ocean engineers are there because there is a problem to solve. One problem is oil spills. The annual cost from this problem is between $2-3 billion in the US. Another problem is when the ship strikes a whale, it
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Unformatted text preview: instantly kills it, and it is the leading killer of whales. It is also possible for the whale to get caught on the ship. The solution is FarSounder and 3-D Forward Looking Sonar. This is about an $80,000 dollar piece of equipment. It was featured in the BOAT USA 2006 issue. It was just installed onto the largest yacht in the world recently. It detects seafloor and obstacles at 200 meter range and at 20 knots. Ocean waver research includes freak waves and tsunamis. One way to study these is with a process called Artic Coring. This is studying the paleo climate of the earth by going on expeditions to the artic and taking back pieces of the core of the ice and the ocean there. Some projects that the ocean engineers at URI are involved in are designing and building your own submarine. Along with a mission to go on and solve with you sub, they can get awards for coming in first, which results in more funding....
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