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Com 100 nonverbal analysis - Parker 1 Daniel Parker March...

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Parker 1 Daniel Parker March 27, 2008 COM 100 Nonverbal Violations Analysis Paper The assignment was for each individual student to enact five separate instances of violating social and non-verbal norms. Four of the five violations that I chose were performed in the library on campus. One of them was performed in my Calculus class. I violated the haptics, silence, paralanguage, proxemics and physical appearance norms. While performing these actions, I had mixed emotions, and I received mixed emotions from onlookers. Some were friendly, and some where less pleasant. In this speech I will inform the reader on what my actions were, how I felt while performing these actions, and the reactions that I received from the general public. The first nonverbal norm that I violated was “Haptics.” In the words of T. Whitman, touch is the first of our senses to develop, and many communication scholars believe that touching and being touched are essential to a healthy life (Whitman et al., 1999). While I was at the library, I was talking to a friend of mine, James Wholean, and while I was talking to him I would casually smack him on the shoulder, or punch him in the arm, and would not say anything about it or react at all. At first, it was uncomfortable for me to initiate the violation of haptics. From the outside point of view it probably looked like I was trying to “make a move” on James, which was definitely not my intention. The first time that I violated haptics, James stopped what he was saying, looked down at where I had hit him, and looked taken aback. He responded by slapping me on my arm, to which I retaliated by questioning him on why he hit me. He stated:
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Parker 2 “Dan, you smoke too much Ganja (Wholean 2008).” I could no longer hold up the façade, and began to laugh, and had to explain to him about the assignment. After I had finished the
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Com 100 nonverbal analysis - Parker 1 Daniel Parker March...

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