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Parker civil lecture

Parker civil lecture - and passing this test you must wait...

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Daniel Parker Civil and Environmental Engineering The lecture of today was based on civil and environmental engineering. It was taught by Wayne Lee, who started off by listing off all of the engineering majors that are taught here. He then started to discuss about how, in roman times, there were two kinds of engineers; military and civil engineers. Military engineers developed all of the military strategies and weapons, while the civil engineers developed technology for all of the other aspects of their lives. This is how he described civil engineering. Civil engineers design and construct tools to better our day by day lives. They develop buildings, roads, airports, seaports, pipelines, and water purification plants. In order to be a certified civil engineer, you must first take your F.E. or fundamental engineering test. After completing,
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Unformatted text preview: and passing this test, you must wait four years and then take a P.E. or professional engineering test. After passing this test, you will be a certified P.E. and will get a larger salary then if you had not been certified. There are five areas of civil engineering. They are: structural, geotechnical, transportation, water resource, and environmental engineering. Structural engineering has to do with constructing buildings. Geotechnical engineering has to do with the foundations of buildings, and figuring out what types of soil can hold how much weight. Transportation engineering has to do with building roads and highways. Water resource engineering has to do with purifying water for drinking. Environmental engineering has to do with cleaning up pollution. This is what I learned in the lecture today....
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