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Daniel Parker Computer engineering lecture This lecture was on the computer engineering program at URI. The computer engineering program is a subsection of department of electrical, computer and biomedical engineering. The professor brought in different pieces of equipment that were related to computer engineering. He spoke of how computers are everywhere in our everyday life. Cameras are a type of computers today, because most of them are digital, and they need micro processing computers to work. There are also computers in our cars. They can help diagnose what problems are inside of our cars. He also spoke of how a Playstation 3© has
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Unformatted text preview: a cell processor inside of it, which is basically 8 little computers inside of one little computer. He gave us a preview of a robot that reached forwards and picked up a little red ball, which was controlled by a wireless remote control. He was also talking about how we will start off by developing a simple 8 bit microprocessor and then move up to larger ones. This was a very informative lecture, and it helped me learn a lot of what I will be doing in the next four years....
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