Origins of War Notes 2

Origins of War Notes 2 - Origins of War Road to War French...

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Origins of War Road to War French foreign minister, Declassé, wanted to mend ties with Britain. –in 1898 backed down in congo when met with superior british force. 1904- Entente Cordiale- Britain gave F land in Africa to settle fishing dispute in Newfoundland, compromised on Siam, New Hebrides and each gave other free hand in Morocco (f) and Egypt-b) respectfully. Morrocan Crisis - Declasse proposed a series of reforms to make morocco a French protectorate but didn’t consult Germany. So Germans acted as if Morocco was independent waiting for French to make them offer regarding protection of interests and giving them compensation. When that didn’t work Kaiser asserted support of Moroccan independence and told French consul he “knew how to protect german interests” and expected france to recognize the fact. French offered to maintain open door policy but G insisted on int. conference. But other powers would not except w/o French consent. G talk of war and Declasse is ousted to bring better relations. Germans finally got conference in Spain but only 2 countries sided with them. In the end France and Spain got control of police and France got dominant position in National Bank. 1905- Sir Edward Grey Foreign Minister – saw germans as threat but their were many anti war liberals in power so told germany that in case of war would be forced to side with france. But told france that didn’t want to risk war for French control of morocco. 1906- Grey gave permission for talks between F and B general staffs (secret from everyone but king and P minister). It was an attempt to take a middle ground between security and firm alliance- but now B saw france as determining factor in balance of power. The triple Entente - Britain decided to fix relation w/ Russia (before, hostile about colonialization, british support of japan and Dogger Bank incident –russians accidently fired on british ships, thought jap. Warships) Russia was feeling weak-defeat by japan, domestic revolution and Britain want to compliment French alliance. 1907- settlement about Persia, Afghanistan and Tibet A naval battle of arms took place-Admiral John Fisher improved and increased fleet- new European positions, new battle tactic training and new ships. Innovation HMS
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Dreadnought- decided to make fleet entirely of these. So germany had to follow suit-but cost them tons of money. Then Britain wanted to appease germany by scaling back ship production to 3 yr instead of 4but then the germans decided 4 yr for next 3 yrs instead of 3. British public widely afraid of German ships. Eventually made 8 ships in 1909 yr. The Bosnian Crisis - R and AH scared about ottoman breakup so in 1897-made entente . But v1905-6 after Japan defeat Russia put more focus on Balkans and Austria wanted to
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Origins of War Notes 2 - Origins of War Road to War French...

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