Class notes 3 - Crime of the Century? The 1st WW 1.)...

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Crime of the Century? The 1 st WW 1.) Important b/c. 1 st modern war-shaped time we are in. Great lesson. Most didn’t want it and most thought would be short. F and G more 1.5 mill. Killed. Russia much more. 2.) Background: Century before war “100 yrs peace”. Has a few wars, Crimean, Prussian wars but nothing big. British Dominance-economy and navy. Spread of industrialization, free trade economic prosperity spreading. 3.) But by 1900’s some underlying factors-collapse of ottoman empire compounded by weakness of AH empire. Rise of nationalist sentiment in Europe-strengthened some, weakened others. AH weakened b/c Slavic groups want independence. Internal dissention in Russia. Rise of G power- economics and later military- scares Russia and France-later B. As G power rises G ambitions expand. Changes in Military technology-B strategy use navy blockage and sometimes small expeditionary forces. But at this time land power became more important. 1905- Russo-Japanese war Russians lost. Late 1800’s spurt of colonialism-scramble of
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Class notes 3 - Crime of the Century? The 1st WW 1.)...

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