HNF_311_Exam_2_Form_1_A - HNF 311 Exam 2 Form 1 A Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: HNF 311 Exam 2 Form 1 A Spring 2008 Student: ________________ Select the answer that is most correct. Please correctly enter your PID, name, and exam form number ( 1 A or 2 B, see above) on you score sheet. Put your name on the exam, and turn in your exam and completed score sheet. 1. According to guidelines from the American Heart Association, saturated fats A. are quite visible in foods, so they should be eliminated from the diet to reduce risk of heart disease. B. are only a health risk if they come from gravies, desserts, and dairy products. C. are only a health risk if they come from a food that has been fried. D. should constitute no more than 7 10% of total energy in the diet. 2. Phospholipids such as lecithin are used extensively in food preparation because they A. provide important textural features. B. are excellent emulsifiers. C. provide the agreeable feel of fat melting on the tongue. D. impart delicate flavors. 3. The mineral found in the body in the most abundance is A. sodium. B. iron. C. calcium. D. phosphorus. 4. The feature that chemically distinguishes protein from carbohydrate and fat is the presence of _________ in the structure. A. nitrogen B. carboxyl groups C. hydrogen D. carbon E. choline 5. Most B vitamins function as A. fat-soluble vitamins. B. coenzymes. C. antibodies. D. sources of energy. 6. Corn, soybean and sunflower oils are good sources of A. monounsaturated fatty acids. B. saturated fatty acids. C. polyunsaturated fatty acids. D. mixtures of all of these choices. 1 7. Vitamin B-12 is supplied mostly in A. None of these answers are correct. B. fruits and vegetables. C. cereal grains. D. foods of animal origin. 8. A reliable food source of vitamin D is A. whole grain breads. B. fortified milk. C. carrots. D. cheddar cheese. 9. Fats in food are said to have satiety value because A. they contain very few oxygen molecules. B. None of these choices are accurate. C. they are esterified. D. they slow the rate of stomach emptying. E. they are high in energy. 10. Which of the following foods provides all of the essential amino acids? A. Milk B. Wheat C. Navy beans D. Peanut butter 11. The best food sources of vitamin B-6 are A. meats, fish, and poultry. B. milk and dairy products....
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HNF_311_Exam_2_Form_1_A - HNF 311 Exam 2 Form 1 A Spring...

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