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ENLS 101 Throughout the book Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria by Sigmund Freud, the author constantly points to Dora’s love of others as a possible source of her mental problems. Freud claims that Dora shows both willingly and at other times unwillingly that she loves many different people, even on a sexual level. I find this problematic by itself, due to the fact that Freud equates love with sexual feelings. Having sexual feelings and desires for someone is extremely different than loving that person. On multiple occasions throughout his case study, he claims that Dora loves people just because he believes she would like to be involved with those people sexually. To think this is absurd, and quite frankly makes me wonder if Freud actually knows what love is at all. It seems as if Freud only knows the meaning of love in a scientific sense, not in much of a
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Unformatted text preview: spiritual sense. Along these same lines is another thing Freud describes that bothers me; his belief that Dora not only feels strong feelings for members of the opposite sex, but also for members of the same sex. Freud appears to support the claim that all people are born with an open sense of sexuality, and that if a man or woman gets frustrated or tired of the opposite sex, he or she will settle for a partner of the same sex. Once again, Freud makes these claims from viewing his subjects from a purely scientific standpoint and fails to understand any other non-scientific factors involved. Freud may be a genius, but I personally find his views on the relationship between sexual tension and love to be misguided and archaic....
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