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Matt Kim AP Lit Syntheses Chapter 11 More Than It's Gonna Hurt You: Concerning Violence- A Doll's House Chapter 11 describes the symbolic and metaphorical importance of violence within the story.A Doll's Housemakes great use of violence to push the plot forward in its final moments. During Act III, Torvald reveals his true colors when Nora sets out to commit suicide. Though no physical violence is evident in the story, the verbal violence marks the climax and turning point of the story. During Acts I and II, Nora alludes to a "perfect scenario" in Act III. In this perfect scenario, Nora admits to receiving money and Torvald accepts all the guilt and takes the burden for himself. After relieving Nora of all the guilt, Torvald would forgive her. Most of the story is dedicated to the buildup of this point, yet the verbal violence destroys all hope for
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Unformatted text preview:dedicated to the buildup of this point, yet the verbal violence destroys all hope for Nora's wishful, yet naive, outcome. The verbal violence also acts as a catalyst to Nora's transformation to a more independent woman. Torvald's verbal violence falls under the category "Character caused" mentioned in Chapter 11 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor. One of the questions brought up in the chapter is "Why this sort of violence and not some other?" This made me think about as to why Ibsen didn't make Torvald physically abuse Nora. I came to the conclusion that it was very unorthodox in that time period and such a crime would merely damage Torvald's name even more.