the insane

The insane - insanity to an illness that could possibly be corrected medicinally Instead people just assumed that it was an uncurable condition and

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ENLS 101 2/5/07 The Insane Out of the first few chapters of Madness and Civilization , I found “The Insane” to be the most unique and interesting chapter. It brought forth many interesting facts and perspectives that I would not have ever thought about had I not read it. First of all, I found it appalling to read that people profited off of exploiting the insane in old hospitals. To use people who have been driven mad for selfish personal gain is an insult to the entire human race (although these people were treated as if they were animals, so they may not have even been given the dignity to be included in the human race). These people obviously have something wrong with them, and instead of helping them to cure or relieve their problems, others use them as a sort of freak show to make a quick buck. Another thing I failed to understand was how the cases in the chapter could fail to link
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Unformatted text preview: insanity to an illness that could possibly be corrected medicinally. Instead, people just assumed that it was an uncurable condition, and the only way to control it was by “discipline and brutalizing” (75). This treatment, often compared in the chapter to how an animal would be treated, would be unthinkable in today’s society. Containment is one thing; treating insane individuals like wild animals is completely different. It amazes me to think that the only way people believed they could handle this sort of madness was by violence. The comparison of insane humans to untamed beasts seems as if it were a prehistoric assessment, not a comparison which would hold strong even in the 18 th century. “The Insane” is a very informative and interesting chapter in Foucalt’s book....
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