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Freud and the Teaching of Interpretation

Freud and the Teaching of Interpretation - quite a stretch...

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ENGL 101 1/29/07 In the essay “Freud and the Teaching of Interpretation”, the author claims that Freud’s “task as a psychoanalyst is clearly to rewrite or translate the events by placing them in the context or a larger narrative, and to make explicit the connections that seem to be hidden” (642). Freud succeeds in carrying out the first part of this statement, but I have a problem agreeing with the second. These “connections” that he describes are frequently farfetched and slightly ridiculous. One could easily take the stance that the connections were not hidden but instead non-existent. Many times in his case study of Dora, Freud connects Dora’s actions and habits to sexual desires and tendencies. Although some of these conclusions he comes to have some validity, many others are
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Unformatted text preview: quite a stretch. Comparing Dora’s cough to “sucking on the male organ” and playing with her face to masturbation are quite outlandish comparisons. To think that Dora really felt these sexually-based urges based on the bodily habits Freud saw in her is a claim few would make, or even be comfortable and confident making. I may not be a scientist, but I am not sure how coughing and touching one’s face is directly related to sexual feelings. It seems as if Freud does whatever he can to make these sexually driven comparisons, as he never even brings light to the fact that these habits that Dora displays could possibly be due to other reasons. Freud does not “make explicit the connections that seem to be hidden”, but instead exploits habits Dora displays to promote his own theory....
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