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1.I believe Jurassic Park is a 3-Act Narrative. This film has all the characteristics of a 3-Act Narrative, such as having a protagonist, an intro, plot points, a climax, and a resolution 2.In Jurassic Park, the protagonist is Dr. Alan Grant. We meet him when he is on a dig just outside of Snakewater, Montana. We find out that he does not really like children when a child is seen belittling and making fun of the dig site. Alan uses a velociraptor claw to explain how scary and monstrous the Velociraptors really were. Later, Dr. Grant and Alan's partner, Dr. Sattler, run into a man named John Hammond. John recruits’ paleontologists to get support his new attraction where he creates real-life dinosaurs. 3.The Inciting Incident in Jurassic Park is when Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler are recruited to look over John Hammond’s Park. When they are promised full funding for their dig site, Grant and Sattler agree to visit the park and provide their input. Because of this, they begin their journey where they learn about the real dinosaurs.
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